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Bodybuilding Facts and Myths

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Fiction: No one can achieve a muscular physique without taking anabolic Steroids !
Fact: Contrary to the belief gaining muscle can be highly achieved naturally and without taking anabolic steroids if every thing is taking into consideration. Such as nutrition, sleep and recovery and especially a well studied exercise routine.

Fiction: In order to lose weight you should starve yourself, and deprive your body of all fats and carbs.
Fact: Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding and fitness. Both losing weight and gaining weight needs a balanced diet for our body to function at its best and lay the foundation needed to develop a great body that is full of muscles and low in fat percentage.

Fiction: To see your ABS you should train them hard all day long in order to burn the fat covering them up.
Fact: The only way you are going to see your ABS is by Losing weight through cardio.
Direct ABS exercises builds muscle but does not reduce the fat covering your abs directly.

Fiction: Anybody can have a physique like top pro bodybuilders by taking steroids
Fact: You are forgetting one tiny detail, the huge deference between most people and professional athletes is attributed to something called genetics. Genetics in bodybuilding is responsible for how fast you can gain muscle and lose fat without losing muscle mass.

Fiction: To lose weight you should do hours of intense cardio and increase your sets repetition.
Fact: Performing too much cardio will put your body in a catabolic state and burn muscle along with fat. Moderate cardio is the key to a success in losing fat and maintaining precious muscle mass. Moderate reps and sometimes even low reps can also help maintain muscle while you are trying to lose weight.

Fiction: In order to gain muscle you should stuff yourself with fats and refined carbs.
Fact: Every ounce of food you eat must be analyzed for facts on how many calories these foods contain and from what  macronutrients the calories came from. Not all fats and carbs should be treated the same. Being informed is the surest way to become healthy and fit.

Fiction: To gain muscle and stay lean you should avoid all fats and minimize or even cut back on carbs.
Fact: Some kinds of fats are considered healthy and can even naturally raise hormones responsible for gaining muscle or maintaining it. Carbs is your primary fuel source that is used to fuel your training,but carbs too have good and evil between them.

Fiction: Steroids are safe and doesn't have side effects.
Fact: Some of the common side effects associated with anabolic steroids, lower natural production of testosterone, shrinking of the testicles, enlarged prostate, and Roid Rage, bitch tits in males.

Fiction: You can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.
Fact : You can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time only when you are a beginner bodybuilder and during the first few months of training. But this is usually not difficult to someone using anabolic steroids, because he is hormonally enhanced . Each goal must be pursued on its own given enough time.

Fiction: To be considered big and a bodybuilder, your weight should be somewhere between 260 and 300 pounds
Fact: There is no way you can weigh 260 to 300 pounds of near zero fat free body mass unless you are on anabolic steroids and have higher than average genetics .and if you weigh that much and without those two prerequisites and haven't bean training for like 15 years you are probably so fat you should lose weight immediately. By most people's standard a person weighing between 175 and 200 pounds in lean condition is considered huge; this can be achieved naturally without taking any steroids; Given that you train , eat, sleep and recover correctly and follow our trainers instructions.

Fiction: Gaining a little fat with plenty of muscle is considered bad
Fact: Gaining little fat along with muscle is normal and is usually described as a byproduct of gaining muscle mass. This is called bulking up and this procedure is important in order for you to gain big amounts of muscles.

Fiction: Supplements are a waste of money
Fact: Supplements are not steroids and if they were anything close to them, they would have been banned a long time ago. Supplements is what their name implies and are products that supplement your training and diet and make it more complete. Supplements are your insurance policy and will help you achieve your goals a little more easily, because they supplement the foundation you started with diet and training.

Fiction: If I gained 10 pounds of muscle in the last 6 or 8 months, training 1 to 1.5 hours a day. That means if I doubled the time I lift weights I would gain something like 20 pounds. For most pros train twice a day
Fact: This is the opposite of what you should be doing. Training longer will eventually and on the long run make you gain less muscle and put you in a catabolic state called overtraining.
Pros train twice a day because they are drug enhanced and can overcome overtraining easily no matter how long they train.

Fiction: Losing weight means losing muscle .
Fact : Losing muscle while losing weight can be minimized and even overcome by many tecniques. for example increasing protein intake and doing moderate cardio rather than hours of intense cardio.

Fiction: All fats are evil.
Fact: Not all fats are evil. But rather some of them are important such as omega fatty acids.

Fiction: Muscle grows during training that's why you notice them getting bigger
Fact: Training actually does something called microtear to your muscles which stress them. But recovery from training allows them to repair and be prepared for the same stress that was done before. Blood rushing to muscles is what makes your muscle look bigger while training, this is called muscle pump.

Fiction: Training heavy all the time and performing extremely low reps is the only way to grow and gain muscle.
Fact: Training heavy is crucial for gaining muscle, but if used all of the time your muscles will get  bored and become accustomed to this type of training which will slow the growth process or even stop responding. Special techniques are used to shock your muscles and make them grow beyond what they currently are.

Fiction: There are other ways to lose weight and gain muscle other than training. Like those electrical products seen on TV.
Fact: If that works wouldn't you see everybody having great bodies while sitting on the couch and watching TV. No way, exercise is the one and only way to gain muscle and lose fat.

Fiction: Performing chest exercises with high reps will spot reduce the fat covering your pecs.
Fact: Spot reduction is impossible. The only way to reduce the fat covering your pecs, is by doing cardio and losing weight. Doing high reps with any part of the body will not focus on reducing the fact covering that special place but rather reduce the fat from the whole body.

Fiction: Its nearly impossible for hardgainers to build muscle and gain weight.
Fact: Hardgainers are people with very high metabolic rate. Hardgainers expend energy faster than most people do, even while at rest. So in order for hardgainers to build muscle and gain weight they must increase their daily calories by eating the correct kind of foods above what most people would eat.

Fiction: If you don't have genetics don't even swet it and forget about being a bodybuilder.
Fact: Yes genetics is important if you are planning to be a professional bodybuilder and one day step on a bodybuilding stage, but  it won't stop you from  gaining muscle and having a ripped body. You should strive to achieve the best physique your genetics permit through proper bodybuilding practices.

Fiction: You should not lift weights if your goal is fitness and not bodybuilding.
Fact: Most beginner trainers and especially women are afraid to lift weights in the belief that they will develop a huge muscular body, that's totally not true. Building muscles takes years of hard training accompanied by lifting extremely heavy weights. Lifting weight is very import if your goal is fitness and it will help you in developing a firm and fit physique. You can stop increasing weight you lift when you become comfortable with the amount of muscles gained and then you will start your maintenance phase.

Fiction: Having a totally ripped body is impossible if your a natural bodybuilder.
Fact:: Achieving an extremely low body fat is done primary by decreasing your daily calories
beyond what you need for maintaining your weight. As you start to lose weight you will begin to lose fat from all of your body depending on your fat deposition status. Its hard for most people to get a ripped body because they lack the motivation and commitment to stay on a strict diet and this becomes even harder when you are closer to reaching your ideal body weight; at this point a diet which is even more strict becomes a must that sometimes include doing  special techniques, such as doing zero-carbs for few days. Having a personal trainer can help in manipulating your diet and training programs to help you in losing those last pounds preventing you from achieving a peak condition.

Fiction: To become healthy, fitness and bodybuilding is the only things you need to be doing.
Facts: Its totally correct that  fitness and bodybuilding can help you become healthy and fit, but without supplementing your training with a good life style you have little chance. Drinking, smoking, drugs, and eating the bad kind of foods can inhibit your results and goals of becoming healthy. Its all a balance and all things should be taken into consideration. But its always a  good idea to start up with training and go from there.

Fiction: You change the peak of your biceps or the shape of your triceps by doing certain exercises.
Fact: You can't change peak of your biceps or the shape of any muscle by training, the shape of your muscles is already been determined by your genetic blue-print. But what can you do is emphasize stress on certain parts of a muscle; for example training incline press for you upper chest and decline press for your lower chest, or by focusing on one head of your biceps rather than the other.

Fiction: Protein is not that important in order to build muscle mass and have a lean body.
Fact: Protein is a macronutrients responsible for muscle tissue growth and repair. Without enough protein in your diet it doesn't matter how much hard your train and even if you are on anabolic steroids, no muscle growth will occur because a key essential (protein) is not present in the body in enough quantities in order to be synthesized and be used to build muscle mass. So without enough Protein, don't  even dream of having a lean and muscular body.

Fiction: You don't have to stretch and flex your muscles before lifting weight or performing cardiovascular exercises, because stretching will make you weaker and more exhausted.
Fact: Stretching is one of the most important and vital things you must do before, during and after training. Done before training stretching will pump fresh blood to muscles and ease your joints preparing them for lifting heavy weights, but during and after training stretching helps in flushing lactic acid build up and restoring your muscles to peak condition.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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