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The Super Squat Routine
Super Squats Program Q & A

Q: I just got the book "Super Squats" and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

A: Great book, huh?

Q: 1. Nutrition-wise should I still follow the diet given in the book (probably about 4,000 cals) even though I am only 149 lbs., or is that too much to start with? Some people have told me that I will gain too much fat on that type of diet. I want to pack on size but I'm looking for mass even though I know that some fat will come with it. What would you suggest?

A: It might not be a bad idea to start eating about 500 calories (mostly protein) per day over and above your maintenance level of calories. If you're not gaining after a week, add another 500 calories per day. And so on.

Q: 2. I never really got used to the taste of milk and can't take more than a cup at once tolerance-wise so can I substitute the milk for something else; chug the milk anyways or maybe mix it with chocolate?( which I can tolarate but seems like there is too much sugar as compared to the protein )

A: You don't HAVE to drink milk. Just as long as you get enough calories and protein. I think milk was suggested because it is an inexpensive, high protein/high calorie food that is easy to consume a lot of because it's a liquid. For hard gainers who need to consume a lot of calories to gain, it's easier to get a lot of those calories from a liquid rather than always stuffing yourself with solid food.

Q: 3. I've noticed that while training squats once a week on a 2 warm-up then 3 sets of 10 reps scheme it usually takes me almost a full week to heal. Should I still try to do the 20 rep squat routine as suggested in the book(2 to 3 times a week)or the abbreviated version, or should I wait 'till I feel completely recuperated from the last workout?

A: Anymore I'm starting to believe that 3 x's a week is too much for most genetically average guys. Try it twice a week, like on a Mon/Thurs. or Tues/Sat schedule. Even that is sometimes too much and people don't recuperate between sessions. Some guys didn't start making gains until they dropped back to breathing squats only once a week or the abbreviated program just twice a week.

Q: Also, I'm not sure if I should do whole body routines like in the book or split bodyparts.

A: A split usually leads to overtraining fairly quickly. Do the whole body routine. Even if you have to cut back to the abbreviated routine, I wouldn't suggest doing a split while on this program. You'll need as much recovery time as you can get. A split means more training sessions per week.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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