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T-100 SAN Supplement Review

If we’re lucky, once every 5 or 10 years, a supplement comes out of nowhere and smashes in the door of convention and conservatism and completely revolutionizes the bodybuilding industry. As you’re probably all too aware, we haven’t been very lucky lately. But after a wait that left most of us doubting anything truly amazing would ever really show up, the most incredible new anabolic compound, the prosteroid, has finally made its way to the bodybuilding market.

T-100 is the first orally active supplement proven to be 7 times more anabolic than real testosterone. T-100 rivals the muscle building, strength enhancing, and physique hardening effects of the steroid parabolan. This is no exaggeration. T-100 is the closest thing to the real thing (steroids) that’s legally available. But unlike most supplements that are legally available…which usually means they’re also severely lacking in potency…T-100 delivers the results previously only associated with steroids.

T-100 contains the most powerful steroidal compound ever introduced to the sports nutrition industry 1-testosterone. 1-testosterone is an 'active' steroidal hormone and needs no conversion to a target substrate for efficacy...DO NOT confuse T-100 with prohormone products!

The literature on 1-testosterone shows it to be over 700% more anabolic than testosterone! What is even more impressive is that since 1-testosterone is a 5-alpha reduced version of dihydrotestosterone that it cannot convert into estrogens. That means side-effects such as water retention, gyno, acne and hair loss are virtually non-existent. Developed by the prosteroid chemists at SAN, T-100 is the first and most effective product to contain this new discovery.

Not stopping at anything less then the best, the SAN team decided to address the issue with steroidal compounds (oral bioavailability) by integrating a technology that administers the steroidal compound efficiently and effectively. SANs exclusive Ether Technology increases the bioavailability of 1-testosterone by making it fat soluble. In doing so, T-100 bypasses the first-pass-liver-deactivation process and gets directly shuttled into the lymphatic system and to the bloodstream where it can bind to its target androgen receptor and elicit it's powerful anabolic potentiating properties on the body.

In as little as 7 days, people using T-100 have noticed significant improvements in strength, muscle hardness and vascularity. Typically after a solid 4 to 8 week cycle of T-100 one can expect muscles that are much denser with an increased muscle to fat ratio.

Note: 1-Testosterone is no longer legal in the U.S.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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