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Muscle Measurements

By Roger Walker

Muscle Size Goals:

1. Measure your wrist just above (i.e. closer to the forearm, not closer to the hand) the protruding bone.

2. Multiply your wrist measurement by 6.5 for you chest measurement.

3. Grant 70% of your chest measurement for your waist and 85% for your hips.

4. Shoot for 36% for your upper arm and 29% for your forearm.

5. Take 53% for your thighs and 34% for your calves.

6. Top it off with 37% for your neck.

How To Measure Muscles

I never had any description of where or how to measure body parts until I came across the following from one of Ellington Darden's books, "100 High-Intensity Ways to Improve your Bodybuilding."

Neck - Keep the head erect with eyes looking forward and relax the neck muscles. Take the measurement just above the Adam's Apple.

Upper Arms - Raise the right arm to shoulder height, flex the elbow, contract the biceps.

Forearms - Straighten the right arm with no bend in the elbow or wrist, and hold it at an angle away from the body. Clench the fist so that the forearm muscles are contracted. Run the tape below the elbow at the point of greatest size.

Chest - Stand erect. Pass the tape around the back at nipple level and bring it together in the front. Make sure tha tape is straight across the back. Do not spread the lats. Keep them relaxed during the measurement.

Waist - Stand erect with belly in its normal state. Do not suck in. Keep the tape on the same level as the navel.

Hips - Stand with heels together and weight distributed equally on both feet. Measure around the hips at the level of maximum protrusion of the buttocks.

Thighs - Stand with feet apart and thigh miscles relaxed. Measure the thigh just below the buttocks.

Calves - Stand erect with thights and calves relaxed. Do not stand on the toes. Measure each calf at the largest part.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are some inconsistencies (ie: flex biceps, but nothing else; measure largest portion at some muscles, but not others), etc. I don't like measuring the waist at the navel, as the waist is actually a couple of inches lower.

I don't know if there are any standard ways of taking such measurements, but this is the only description I've seen in print.

I used to take both flexed and relaxed measurements (NOT after a workout) for all parts. I think the thing that matters, anyway, is consistency of measurement, so that progress can be determined, not what the actual measurements are.

Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

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